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Glamorgan Church of God is Calgary Sound's feature installation for the month of February.
Located at 4715 45th Street SW, Glamorgan Church had an overly reverberant sanctuary to tame, but on a tight budget.
The solution was to purchase two Bose L1 Portable Line Array Systems (zero installation/labour costs)
and dress up their bases and cables with greenery!
The sound is very even side-to-side and (only line arrays can do this) front-to-back,
the reverberation problem was solved big time and speech clarity is terrific.

How do you fill a long, narrow sanctuary with high-quality, even sound from front-to-back and side-to-side when you're on a very tight budget?
St. Peter's Anglican Church on Elbow Drive called on Calgary Sound for the solution.
A single Bose L1 Model II (the portable version of the MA12EX speakers shown elsewhere) provides all the sound the tech team asked for
with almost no reduction in sound levels from the front pews to the back row. Team leader Glen Werth says,
"You just have to hear it to believe a single speaker solved our problem, and for well under our budget."

The old box speakers are still in place in this photo of Varsity Acres Presbyterian, with the MA12EX's virtually invisible against the front wall.
There are several reasons why a church and its congregation would choose an upgrade to Line Array Technology from Bose.
One, the quality of the spoken word is superb.
Two, the sound is radiated from the front of the church (where the action is) and not high overhead.
Three, the colour matched speakers do not detract from the visual aspect of church architecture.
(Most people have to really look to see where the sound is coming from.)
Four, due to the wedge-shaped radiation pattern of true line array speakers, everyone in the room including the choir loft here at Varsity Acres,
can hear the same sound at the same volume. This includes any seat in the congregation.
Five, there is no need at all for monitor speakers to clutter up the chancel during musical events.
The performers hear everything the audience hears and at the same volume.
Six, feedback is virtually zero with these systems.
Seven, installation costs remain low because scaffolding or other lifting devices
are not required to safely hang speakers from the ceiling usually requiring two men.

NOTE: Calgary Sound was not the supplier of this system as it was with all others listed on this page.
U.S. President Barak Obama during a news conference and announcement in Southern California
is seen with an aid setting up a Bose L1 Line Array system.

Sarah Troy of Bragg Creek, AB is in complete control of her sound with a Bose L1 Model II
(it's right behind her) which includes a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine shown here on her right side.
Who better to determine what her 'sound' should sound like than the performer herself?
And given that what Sarah hears from her Line Array is EXACTLY what her audience hears, she can tweak volume, tonality, reverb, delay,
compression, modulation, equalization, mute effects and balance channels by herself, and on-the-fly if necessary.
Bose and the L1 Line Array returns absolute control to the musician where we think it belongs.
You can be a 'passenger' in your traditional front-of-house/stage monitor system with a soundman driving if you like,
but we (and your audience) prefer that you 'take the wheel' yourself. It may be scary to some at first,
but once you experience this sound and control, nothing else compares.

Anyone who has ever visited the Main Ballroom at Calgary's exclusive Petroleum Club will tell you what an amazing room this is.
Add the Oath Big Band and Stacy Hellings as female vocalist and just ONE Bose L1 Line Array System
(you have to look for it behind the trumpet section), and you have the perfect setting to dance the night away.
The piano, guitar and solo sax were also fed into the L1 through a T1 Audio Engine mixer.
No self-respecting audio man would ever place an ordinary speaker back there
because it would blow most of the musicians off the stage while trying to project to the back of the room.
Yet the band was very comfortable with the L1 all night long.
The main ballroom is an oval shape with tiered dinner seating.
Covering this room evenly with just a single speaker for Stacy (against eighteen big band instruments)
is a near impossibility for any speaker system other than a Bose L1.
Yet the sound was well balanced and crystal clear at every seat in the room. It even sounded terrific out in the foyer.

What would the Calgary Stampede be without great music downtown on Stephen Avenue Mall?
These two L1 Model 1's covered the entire block from 1st Avenue SW to Center Street with terrific country music.
(The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede organization also purchased a couple of Model 1's
that they use in various venues around the Stampede grounds.)

Here is an example of the power of the Bose L1 Compact system.
Lisa Raitt, Federal Minister of Energy when this picture was taken, is addressing 130 golfers at a fund raising event in Calgary.
The only speaker in the large tent holding this group was the 28 pound Compact standing right beside her.
There was no feedback during any of the speeches and presentations.
The picture below Lisa showing who she was addressing.

Here is a perfect example of the versatility of the Bose L1 Line Array.
A single L1 Model II system was used to cover a memorial service
attended by approximately 300 people at the Lancaster Air Museum in Nanton, Alberta.
The L1 radiates its energy in a very wide horizontal pattern with very little sound going up into the rafters of large venues.
Everyone in this hangar could hear perfectly without having to tolerate excessive reflections.
No other speaker system radiates sound in this wedge-shaped pattern which keeps the sound down on the seating area.
The Air Museum management was so impressed with the quality and coverage of the Bose L1 sound,
they bought a Model II plus a wireless L1 Compact system.
P.S. You can barely see the Model II, but it is just to the left of the red truck in the background.
Any other box speaker on tripods would require a minimum of two and perhaps more to evenly cover this space,
and then the intelligibility would deteriorate severely as audience members hear multiple sources of sound.

First Baptist Church on 4th Street in Calgary presents a couple of interesting challenges for any sound system:
One there is a very large U-shaped balcony (with an extended section at the rear),
many pews are under the balcony and the choir loft is well behind the 'front line' of the sanctuary.
Bose MA12's come to the rescue nicely with their very long-throw characteristics
while not being overly loud to those seated within a few feet of the enclosures.
There are ten MA12's in white and two MB4 bass modules evenly covering every every seat at First Baptist with high quality sound.
This installation by Calgary Sound has been in place since 2012.

A side view of the twin stack of Bose MA12's at Woodcliff United showing the tilt necessary
to radiate all the sound down onto the congregation while avoiding reflections off the rear wall.

A close-up view of the white Bose MA12EX Line Arrays recently installed at Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church in Calgary.

Calgary Sound